hello, I’m neferatiti ife

Wellness Coach, Ancestor Whisperer and Author

Promoting ancestral generational healing and transformation through meditation

Meditation Classes

I offer meditation classes for groups and individuals. I began my meditation practice in the mid 1990s. Meditation for me means a peaceful life. One of tranquility and one where I can now make decisions based on inner guidance and not fear based thought processes. The meditative state also has physical benefits – bringing oxygen in your body via deep breathing activates the blood cells and helps them to work efficiently.
Meditation can also help with pain relief, assist you to sleep better and alleviate anxiety.


Channelling is communication with a non physical entity. The mind is in altered state and are bringing though messages from the spirit world. Channeling is the belief that a person’s body has being taken over by a spirit for the purpose of imparting wisdom.

Neferatiti Ife's Transformation Oracle Cards

Artwork by Ken McCalla and K Murphy Commissioned by Neferatiti Ife

My Transformation Oracle Cards are available online from this website.
Email info@neferatitiife.com
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Maat Balance






Are you looking for happiness and contentment? 

Author and Healer Neferatiti Ife invites you
to clear the blockages of your unhappiness and use the tools
offered in her book, Shine Your Divine Light

About Me

Hello. Welcome to my website. My mission is to help us transform, and to raise the vibration of this planet to the frequency of love and light.

I am a channel/vessel for light beings from the spirit and ancestral world opening the way for their voices to be heard in this time of the great awakening.

Take away the stress that causes depression and illness. Transform your life forever! You need it ! You deserve it!

Neferatiti Healing Meditations are uniquely channelled from the divine African Ancestors

Neferatiti Ife


“I’ve had a real eyeopening/awakening of today’s healing session. I would like to know more of clairvoyance and astral projections in the future if you could” – J

“I’m really glad I came to the event today. I learned a lot on the spiritual aspects of life. Really enjoyed the meditation sessions. I will be back again!” – Toma

“Thank you, I appreciate the wonderful healing African Ancestral healing workshop. Lovely to connect with like minded souls.” – Angela

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