About Neferatiti Ife

My Story

Hi, I’m Neferatiti Ife! I look forward to sharing with you, an expanding understanding of the spirit world, and connecting this knowledge for the transformation of individuals and the betterment of this planet.

 am an Author, Channeler and Healer. My latest book is called Shine Your Divine Light.

Over the last 10 years, I’ve developed my psychic channelling abilities, connecting with Ancient ancestral beings as well as Light beings from the ethereal world. These communications led to the publication of my first book, ‘Conversations with the Blackman’s God’.

As well as being an experienced psychic communicator, I hold a Post Graduate Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling, Bachelor of Social Science Degree in Social Work and a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology.  The combination of working as a social worker and a counsellor has allowed me to work with deprived people, people who have serious life threatening illness, people with disabilities, victims of crime, women whom
have experienced domestic violence and children and adults that have experienced sexual and physical abuse. The above knowledge and experience has resulted in thirty years of working with people of
different cultures, races and sexuality.  I have been able to empower people though my ongoing counselling sessions and readings. This work has given me the opportunity to acknowledge the role and the importance of healing in the human condition.

In addition, I’ve produced a popular range of channelled meditation CDs and my own Transformation 44 Deck of Cards. These cards extend my unique approach to spirituality and wellbeing. The spiritual guidance, communication with Ancient ancestral beings, other light beings and Mother/Father Creator, has assisted me in creating further empowerment tools for you.

I also offer Holistic Healing workshops using both my Transformation 44 Card Deck and my original Meditation Modules to assist in the healing of physical and psychological dis-ease, past baggage and releasing inner potential.

My Values & Beliefs

Meditation helps us make decisions based on conscious thought, not feared based actions

Meditation can also help with pain relief, assist you to sleep better and alleviate anxiety. Whilst meditating you can think clearly and it assists you to alleviate the negative thoughts. Bringing in positive thoughts, which will of course allow you to feel happier in life.

When the beings on planet earth raise their vibration, they will create one harmonic vibration with each other.

The purpose of life is to experience as a spirit a human body.
Everyone has a life purpose a plan. It is to fulfil their life purpose  and overcome any mental barriers in this life time

Freedom is your birthright

The ancestors are ones who intimately know what it is like to take the human incarnation and share your spiritual and/or physical DNA. They can have great empathy, compassion and sensitivity for what it is like to be in a personal earth journey

.Neferatiti Ife’s Transformation Oracle Cards

My Transformation Oracle Cards are available online from this website. Email info@neferatitiife.com to confirm availability.


Artwork by Ken McCalla and K Murphy Commissioned by Neferatiti Ife

My Approach

I am trained in and specialise in healing and transformational work. I have years of extensive training and experience working individuals and groups, promoting wellness and transformation through meditation. Connecting with the divine being that we all are. Bringing out the light in each of us as individuals and raising the vibration of the planet earth and the universe through positivity in action and deeds. Achieving all of this through meditation and connecting with the spirits of light. I help you through a healing process to assist you to achieve the kind of transformation you desire. I honour your experience and work with you using a range of skills and tools to guide you.  Visit my online shop to order any of my books, recordings, my Ancestral Transformation Oracle cards. You can also contact me to book a paid consultation, if I can offer the kind of support you are looking for.

I’d love to hear from you. You can reach me by contacting me through my website or click the button below to learn about my products.

– Neferatiti Ife


8am to 5pm