Hello, I’m Neferatiti Ife. I have been channelling and connecting with my African ancestors and other beings for ten years now. The journey has been an educational, empowering and transformational one. I now would like to share all of this information I have been afforded with.

This blog is to raise the vibration of Africans at home and abroad.
The African ancestors want Africans worldwide to heal. When we think about how we are as an African people. We seem to enjoy the negative words we utter, the negative vibration some of us walk with, along with the energy we carry.

I speak for myself and others. The experience of slavery, racism and ongoing bad energy directed at us has had an effect.

Now is the time to change this energy a time for great healing and moving our vibrations our energy to the heights of great kings and queens.

What do we need to do???

Meditate I answer.

Meditation helps to clear our minds, meditation helps to improve our health and meditation helps our body to work better ie oxygen to the blood cells and the organs.

This blog wants to inspire, to elevate, to create and to share words of wisdom. Words and vibration of the African ancestors and the energy of beings of light. These words bring wisdom, love and higher inspiration to those who read them.
Now in this time and on this planet, we are here to assist our ancestors and our African ancestors to assist us to greatness, leaving the poverty mindset behind.
There will be direct words from the ancestors of African antiquity, words from the great Creator and words of meditation.
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