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Ankh Healing System

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This system is for all times
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Tapping Into The Power Of The Ancestors


Ankh means life in the Ancient Kemetian Language. This symbol was used to access the energy to live a full and empowered life.
The African Ancestors have used healing and spirituality to produce great, powerful structures and monuments. They were able to do this through their own belief in their greatness.

The Ankh healing system is a powerful and unique system for planetary healing. For the first time the Neferatiti Ife and African Ancestors have come together from the spirit world and physical world to assist with the healing of this planet in this time.

Neferatiti Ife has been chosen in this time to share this Ancient system of healing. The Ankh healing system concentrates on healing from the inside out. It is a series of powerful channelled meditation and positive affirmations to change the energy of body mind and soul. By healing regions of the body through spiritual and earth energy. These regions are healed stage by stage which allows one area of healing and then you go on to the next area. At all times during the healing you are working on the mind which is a separate but integrated healing modality onto itself. As the mind is the gateway to all of the healing modalities.


Your mind is the first vessel that has to be broken down for the healing system to work effectively.

Many Africans need to heal from all of the affects of the colonialism, racism, negative family words and actions. This is why the healing system looks at clearing the mind through talking and releasing the negative thoughts. The mind is the gateway to the all regions of the body especially the crown area. If the mind does not open the door with the key provided (ANKH), then we are not able to progress and transform our lives. If the mind does not accept the system then it will not work.

If the mind lives in the valley of lack and the vibration of negativity, then healing will be difficult.

The mind has to want to heal the whole system of the body and it must want to leave self-sabotage behind to create change for the positive.

The thoughts in the mind are powerful especially the negative thoughts which keep us stuck in a frequency of lack and depression.

Once you can heal the mind through powerful affirmations, self talk, music, meditation and expression etc. The other areas will then be allowed to heal, thus allowing healing positive energy to access to the all the areas in the body.

The external world has an affect on the mind through images. These images are sent to the brain and interpreted as good or bad. The mind is important in meditation because it allows these images through visualisation to calm the body down, creating an internal atmosphere of healing and tranquilty.

To experience the feeling of being healed you need to visualise it .

Visualising positive images allows you to access good emotions and feelings. If it looks good, It will feel good.

So you need positive pictures in your environment of great people who look like you and have had great achievements.
These images keeps your unconscious mind in alignment with greatness. It tells your unconscious that if someone that looks like you can achieve greatness then it is possible for you to achieve greatness in this life time.


The first region covers the lower regions of the body which is the stomach and genital areas.

Region two covers the heart and throat areas.

Region three covers the head and the upper regions into the ethereal world.

Each region has a gate keeper and the gate keeper is the door to the next region.

The regions are accessed via guided visualisation meditation.


The lower region is the gate way to all of Divinity and meditation. It relates to the energy of the Earth and the energy needs to be brought up from the earth to move the body on, away from all of the physical things in this vibration. The lower physical energy concentrates on worldly items. Such as your home, material things, money, computers etc.

Our minds on planet Earth is mainly in the dimension of physical energy.

Concentrating on material objects and physical experiences for example sex, money, etc .

The energy of money and sex are both abused in this time and there is no spiritual respect for both of them.

These energies are taken for granted and you can see this in the media, especially on the television –sex and material objects sell. Abuse of sex and violence within individuals seem to be escalating.

Not many of us seem to be in touch with our hearts and our higher mind. In this time it appears that we are more in touch with the lower mind.

The Ancestors say that, ‘every part of the body has a mind’’.


The Lower Mind concentrates in the lower region of the body. It speaks words such as , ”where should we go today”? “What shall we eat today”? “What shall we buy today”? “What shall we wear”?
This mind is very critical of others and concentrates on our immediate emotions and feelings.
Once the Lower mind and energy is healed we then can progress through to the heart region.

So the lower mind connects with emotion and feelings saying statements such as –“ I feel sad so I am going to eat chocolate.’’
The above thoughts are all related to the mind and mind translates these messages to the body.
Once you have this part of the body is healed you move on to the next part of the body.


The heart is the gateway of this area and it is all about LOVE.
The lower healed mind and emotions brings forward its new energy to this region. The lower energy is released and now resides in the area of Love.
Love- self love and love for others. This part concentrates on Forgiveness and trust. It concentrates on healing within and then healing others. It looks at the world and the planet and healing the whole environment through love. It feels the pain and offers an open heart to release all pain through love for self and others. This is the consciousness of who you should be in this life time. This love energy opens your heart to humanity, spirituality and once healed, then, the door to higher spirituality.
Once the heart is open you begin to heal the whole body. The whole body will now have a chance to heal. The heart located in the middle of the body. This unique location allows it to heal the lower and the upper regions of the body.
The open heart releases energy to your vocal cords and the chest area in the body. It encourages your vocal cords to say the right words at the right time for healing. This includes positive self -talk and encourages what you say to others to be positive.
This energy vibration moves from the dense negative vibration, it takes all the negative vibration and heals it.
So the heart is a transformer, it is a liberator. It takes all the negative energy and it puts it back into the Universe and then allows the Universe to give you back the healed energy. The heart allows this technical energy exchange to happen but the heart must be open to this process.
This process is needed on this planet right now. Individuals with open heart will begin to heal self, which results in healing others, the animals, the land and of course the whole planet. The whole planet needs to move form its dense place.
When we heal our heart area, the wars and the fighting stops. It is time to stop the waring and fighting with each other. The waring and fighting of the Politics needs to stop, because if we don’t step into the healing of the heart we will lose everything including or planet.
With closed hearts, we lose our friends, we lose our material objects, our patience and our love for each other. We lose our inner and outer peace. We are then on the road to self and planetary destruction.
Once the heart area is open this powerful energy then goes to the voice. You then speak words that are empowering, you encourage people. You open your heart to them and they can feel that the vibration within you is genuine.
So the heart is central to the whole body.
When we are young are hearts are open but as we get older because of the damage from negative emotional experiences are hearts become closed. A closed heart may protects us from further pain but it blocks our spirituality and our pure connection with others. The negative closed heart blocks our connection with the higher dimensions.


If the heart is open and the lower area is healed the energy from mother earth comes up and reaches the head and crown area in the body.

If this area is healed, the energy from mother earth comes up and the energy from father sky comes down and the energy mass meets in the middle. Creating a powerful vibration.
Once the two lower energy areas are healed and open then the spirituality area will be ready for activation.
You will now be able to hear the words of the spirit world, you will be guided and be more at peace within.
Now you can make decisions, now you can speak from the heart, now you can have empowerment groups. Now you can make a difference to other people lives. You are now on a journey to your own empowerment and transformation. Once transformed you can then go on to transform others. Leading to a vibrational change to yourself and others. You will no longer feel nervous or question what you are going to say. You will make the right choices for yourself without hesitation. You will hold in the body, the inner wisdom which will allow you to equip yourself with information. This information then goes on to access the tools and find the keys to your success, peace and enlightenment.
You will be able to take negative choices in the past and transform them into positive choices in the future.
You will find your purpose in this lifetime and move on to the next life time graciously.
Once you have experienced this healing system you will be able to make a difference in other peoples lives by your words and deeds.


The ANKH system is a three pronged meditation system.
Neferatiti brings in these guided Ancestral meditations.
Ancestors of light and complete postivitity. They come forward from the spirit world but were born in the African continent. This energy is for the vibrational healing of people in this time.
Neferatiti’s DNA links her back to the African continent and she is bringing forth this vibrational healing on this planet. It is a powerful unique healing system inspired by her connection with the Ancestral world. This system has been channeled into this dimension to bring healing to those who need to heal their body, mind, spirit and soul.
A band of ancestors have come forward to help you to heal you and to heal the areas in your body that is blocking you from abundance. This system allows you to use the energy of the planet and your own energy creating to a vortex of healing.
All of the difficulties, frustration and hard work in all areas will be gone because you will be able to tap into your purpose and your inner wisdom easily. Once you are in alignment and this means in a energy vibrational line with your ancestors. You will begin the journey to wellness. The body the mind and the soul will be how it was meant to be in this time.
Aches and pains in the body and the mind will relieve themselves and leave your body once you start to connect with your ancestors. This healing system also has the use of the Sun, the moon and the cosmos. Your body is a representation of the cosmos using the sun and the moon.
You will use visualisations of the natural world to heal you.



The guided meditations use symbols to achieve an heightened awareness:

SYMBOLOGY to assist and enhance the healing process:

The ankh is the key to your own inner wisdom and divinity. It is also a protection for the self and others . That is why it is every where in Kemetian philosophy.
The Pyramid is the symbol for healing and empowerment. The pyramid offers you to tap inside the regions of the body where there is pain and to feel it and release it into the ethers.
The pyramid shape assists you to connect with the Gods and the spirit world.



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