Connecting with nature and hearing the words of the Trees


The trees stood tall and confident as if there was no one or nothing that could shake them. Their roots were firmly in the ground and they supported Mother Earth. They possessed a deep internal voice that said if your roots were strong you would be in touch with your Divine worth. That Mother Earth held you in her arms allowing you to have the confidence in life.

The Trees told me that whoever you are, connect with the Mother of this planet and that she worked in tandem with the sky the moon the waters.
She told me that we need to connect with her and the other elements. That it was important for your mere existence. Mother Earth was right she knew what she was talking about and she spoke to me I listened.

I find that sitting in a quiet part of the park calms me down. Nature seems to have its own words and vibration.

Nature is not in a hurry but there for you to tap into her for healing.

When you respect and honour Mother Earth she brings healing to you calming your mind, body, and spirit.


Thank you for visiting my blog. With this blog, I want to inspire, to elevate, to create and to share words of wisdom. Words and vibration of the African ancestors and the energy of beings of light. These words bring wisdom, love and higher inspiration to those who read them.

Now in this time and on this planet, we are here to assist our ancestors and our African ancestors to assist us to greatness, leaving the poverty mindset behind.

There will be direct words from the ancestors of African antiquity, words from the great Creator and words of meditation.

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