Neferatiti Transformation Cards


I created these cards because I desired a card deck with images that looked like me.

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At the time of creation (2012) of my Transformation Cards, there were no cards that I could resonate with. I found the Tarot cards very depressing and tried to learn them several times. With no success, learning Tarot I decided to create my own cards. I commissioned an artist to draw and paint the images and then incorporated the concept and that was the birth of the Neferatiti Transformation cards. These cards are inspired by the images of African and Caribbean cultures and spirituality. Some of the cards are influenced by the Kemetian (Egyptian) and Adrinkra symbols (Ghana). The idea and concept of the cards come from my ancestral spirit guides. These ancestral cards are like no other. They give you  a reading, not to predict the future, but to transform.  - Neferatiti Ife


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