Crystal Healing Meditation


Crystal Healing Meditation


Tap into your power, heal your pain, bring forth abundance.
Take away the stress that causes depression and illness.
Transform your life forever! You need it ! You deserve it!

Neferatiti Healing meditations are uniquely channelled from the divine African Ancestors.

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More and more people are realising that meditation is the key to unlock pent up issues of anger, abandonment and grief. These issues are invisible but they live in our blood, heart and soul. We all experience times of great stress and anxiety. Some of these stresses and illness stem from negative childhood experiences and negative ancestral energies from the past. We hold a lot of these energies in our bodies creating emotional blocks which then appear as a physical problem, creating illnesses and ailments.

Some of us are unaware of where to go to seek help and assistance and we turn to the medical world for assistance but there are times that medicine cannot heal the problem deep within our souls. Why not give meditation a chance? I have contacted the African ancestral realm for a solution and they have assisted me by producing African Ancestral healing meditations. They are a channelled meditation system that provides healing to the body mind and soul.

Whilst listening to the meditations you will experience a sense of serenity and peace. For the first time you will have a chance to fully relax and hear the words and guidance of your own internal world. This state of being allows you to heal your genetic lineage, heal genetic pain and deal with negative issues in your vibrational field.

I have created these meditations to assist you to seek such guidance and connection with the ancestors, either genetic ancestors or ancestors of the spirit. These is a meditations assist you to change any negative vibrations of your mind and thoughts, bringing in the healing energy to the mind body and soul. These meditations will be most powerful if you can listen to it in a quiet space. Whilst in a quiet space you have an opportunity to hear the healing sounds of your own body and the sounds and vibrations of your own ancestors who know you and know what healing your body needs.


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