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Shine Your Divine Light by Neferatiti Ife


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Are you looking for happiness and contentment? 

Author and Healer Neferatiti Ife invites you
to clear the blockages of your unhappiness and use the tools offered in her new book, Shine Your Divine Light.

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Our African Ancestors are vital to our existence but their voices and wisdom is rarely heard to our detriment.. My work is about bring forth these voices and information from the higher demensions – for the healing of the nations.

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The voice and wisdom of our ancestors has been missing from our lives for far to long to our detriment and the future of our children and planet Earth.
It’s time to step into a new future. A future where the Gods and Goddess activate and shine their light. This the place for you.

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I Neferatiti is here in this time to bring word vibrations and energy to start the transformative process of Planetary Enlightenment. My work is to assist the awakening of those who are ready to take the journey and walk on the path of enlightenment. Those who are ready to heal in each and every corner so that the planet can go on and begin the healing process and move into ascension. Planet earth is in pain at the moment-both the environment and the individuals. The process of healing needs to start now so the frequency of the planet becomes one of peace harmony and light.