Revelations and channelling from Ancestral spiritual beings of light

Salutations and praises to the eternal Divine Light. The Light that is inside each one of us. The Light that shines from Mother/Father God. On this day we call in all the Guides to Light and the spirits of Light. We thank our Ancestors of light for all the work that they have done. This is an acknowledgement for all of the light beings those who are of positive, even those of negative nature that make allows us to see the positive which makes us grow and allows us to move forward in life.

We are now calling ,as we step in this time which is a special time when vibration moves and shift of the dark comes to light. Everything becomes revealed all the dishonesty is now seen. The energies are shifting Mother Earth is revealing herself and her pain. There will be many upheavals in people with money in their spirit, with people’s heart, breakups, makeups rebirth, new beginnings , new ideas.

It is the time for the Light workers to wake up to connect with their divine being. Many of the Light workers are dumbed down by many utterances of negativity, many spirits of negativity, many words of negativity, many actions of negativity. Through all of the negative words and negative actions things are being done to keep you down Light worker such as the media, the sound the vibration of the symbols.

We the Light Workers are calling for an energy shift bringing in the Light bringing in golden Light of purest quality and as we move forward the golden light shifts Shifting the negativity in our bodies, in our souls and in our minds.

We are now calling for a community of people to go forth and change the vibration of each man and child and animal. Even the smallest spider, the fly has a right to live because they have a function on planet earth.
I am asking for the breath, the oxygen to be facilitated in each of our bodies, for us to breathe the air that’s given to us freely and to realize that now is the time for us the Light Workers to wake up. Now is the time for more positive things to occur, more t healing is needed. We can begin to heal each one of us and each one of us have our own healing journey.
Healing to remove the negatives that has placed on us and that we have placed on ourselves. In order to heal we have to allow the negatives to be released into the ether and into the Universe so that they can dissipate, fall away so that we move on to the positive. So that we can shine our light to whom we really are.
So that we can become a Divine being and own our divine right to creativity. We need to be Divine, so that we can be empathic to each other, so that we can hold each other in our hearts.
As the tears come to my eyes I call in for pure love to be passed up to every single being, each man, woman, child, animal, nature and those in the ethereal world. The spirits and the beings inside and outside this universe. We call the negative and positives energies to move all beings into a place where they can receive the highest vibration of the Universe. We all need this high vibration so we can oscillate with the greatness of the all that is.
I am calling for the activation of our creativity to awaken us to do what we are here to do . This doing will allow us to follow our path and to open up opportunities for us to follow our path. To live in our birthright and to manifest the positives, taking materialism out of our minds and moving us on to a spiritual life of light connecting with our Ancestors.
When we walk in our Divinity we can speak to those that have pasted, healing the past, calling for love to those who pasted on to the ethereal world.
The ancestors have died and no one remembers them.
I am hailing up our Ancestors our African Ancestors in every single part of this planet that have died in wars they fought, the have died whilst been been raped and abused. Those that have died in slavery, those have died in Kemet, Egypt at the hands of the wars and infiltration of other people.
Every life on this planet is important and I am calling for a release of those that are stuck in the ethereal (spirit) world because of the great pain they have experienced.

I am calling for a release for these people the individuals and the animals that have been slaughtered for no reason. The dolphins that cry out in the sea and the fishes, for mercy, the whales cry out as they see our bodies float down from the cargo ships. I am calling for a healing for people of every single race that are suffering. It is a time for healing of this entire planet, healing of the earth, healing of the sky, the pollution.
I am calling for a better way of life, a life that means you are connected to the earth, the skies, the birds the bees the butterflies the flowers the trees everything that divine Mother Father has put here for us to respect.
I am calling for the ending of the killing and slaughtering of the animals, the spiders that do what they have to do, every smallest tiniest insects ,removing the fear from our minds. Now should be a time of healing and connection and I asking that people put in their minds that healing is needed for the universe and all those beings in the Universe that experience misery that we don’t know of.
So what I am calling for is assistance from the big sun, the stars the big vastness of the skies to tell their story to educate the people of planet earth.
We send out positivity out into the ethers. We call for your assistance to keep us balance to allow us to learn from the anger and the negatives to bring forth positive.