White Washing Spirituality


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Lets begin with a nagging observation I have noticed over the last 20 years of attending courses and expo’s ’in the UK and the USA. That nearly all of the speakers at the top of the ladder are white and middle class.

I began to question???

Are we Black people not spiritual?
Do we not have something of substance to say or is racism raising its ugly head?
When I began my journey many years ago, I noticed the industry of New Age spirituality was being taught by exclusively either American White or English White people.
It has been haunting me, and NOW!

The elephant is now let out of the room!

It appears that the racism, that is in all the other professions, seems to be rearing its head in the New Age spirituality movement.

BUT I thought, “we were all spirits having a human experience”.

I really feel a bit fed up with the current paradigm my soul wants to see different cultures apart from the odd Black/Asian person (Usually a Budddist).
Where has Diversity gone??

Now at a time, when some Black people are moving away from the church and Christianity. There needs to be an alternative Black New age perspective and now is my/our time.

We need to Right the racist symbols and rhetoric. If we are all spirits in a human body, why are all spirits not represented on the podium?

If we are all spirits in a human body, what has happened to our Ancestors? Do they not have a voice?

Do all the spirit guides have to be Saint Germaine, Angel Michel etc? Whom the majority have a white face. Are all the angels White in pink heaven?


Do all the tarot/ Oracle cards have to be white images?

Does the law of attraction only have to be white people who beneRit and live in big houses, big cars and an abundant life?

While we buy into these concepts and many of the new age concepts are are very important to the human spiritual advancement. Where are our /my narratives and where are our spiritual stories?

When do we hear the voices and vibrations of Black angels and guides
that are African.

I stand for equality and justice of all peoples, allowing all people’s voices to be heard and now I just can’t sit in the background and allow this to go on forever.

Now I am stepping out because I want to see change in New Age spirituality.

That African spirits that wander in the spirit world have a voice. They are angels and spirit guides that are there to show us their way to a spiritual life.
Did you realise that we all have vibrational frequencies and that not all frequencies are suitable to your growth? The stories of Black/African perspective is so left out of the New Age spiritual practice. How do we relate to what is going our out there!

Every Mind body and spirit event is calling for diversity.

Not only African Caribbean but also indigenous cultures around the world have a spirituality that is not represented in the mainstream New Age practices.
Every Mind body and spirit event is calling for diversity. They have got away with it for too long and now is the time for change. I am apart of that change and you are apart of that change if you are reading this.

Just like the vegan movement, the world is changing and questioning things.
Old ways are changing and a new consciousness is occurring. Paradigms are being questioned. I am here to ask the question that many of us are afraid of asking. Why are we not in the equation??

So instead of asking questions and not getting any answers I have decided to become one of the alternatives.

An alternative, to the awakening of the African/Black spirituality and consciousness.

This movement is important as it involves our future and it is of course Afro futurism. Just like science fiction we were left out of the future and the advances of mankind.

This movement is about collating your own data. Making your own narrative and speaking in your own vibration.

It’s not about buying into Doreen Virtue (New Age Angel practitioner) for example who has now denounced all of her cards etc and is now a Christian.

The new paradigm is about your journey, your spirit guides and your vibration.
The new spirit guides are Martin Luther King, Marcus Garvey and Malcolm X.

The new voice within is about your grandmother speaking to you and guiding you with her loving voice.

The way forward is to hear the African voice and frequency with its accents, guiding you and assisting you to heal.

The new healing is tapping into your DNA for healing. Asking your ancestors for guidance.

Your ancestors know you and until you have a relationship with them your soul is fragmented.

Do you wonder why nothing works for you? Everyone else has done well with a particular thing or diet or spiritual healing system?

Well consider just for one moment, that particular practice may not be on your vibrational frequency. Which may cause it not to work for you. 

Because we all have different frequencies some things just will not work for us.


The wave of change is here Africans/Blacks/melinated people our Ancestors are our guides, or go to people, our salvation.

They may not be in plain sight but they are there in the ethereal world. Just as you worship other ancestors it is now time to worship your own.

So our abandoned ancestors who are on our own frequency won’t fail you. So now is the time Kings and Queens to change spirituality for ourselves and to start our own movement.


If the doors are closed to us it is now is the time to open our own doors.

It is now time to have our own New age movement.

In this time we are awaiting our African ancestors to take Centre stage. Rewriting their history, guiding their families In this time we are awaiting our African ancestors to take Centre stage.

We can no longer be victims, it is now time for us to take Centre position.


It is now time for the African Angels, guides and Ancestors to take the centre stage in our lives.

Amen Ra Amen Ra Amen Ra

Written by Neferatiti Ife

Thank you for visiting my blog. With this blog, I want to inspire, to elevate, to create and to share words of wisdom. Words and vibration of the African ancestors and the energy of beings of light. These words bring wisdom, love and higher inspiration to those who read them.

Now in this time and on this planet, we are here to assist our ancestors and our African ancestors to assist us to greatness, leaving the poverty mindset behind.

There will be direct words from the ancestors of African antiquity, words from the great Creator and words of meditation.

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